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COVID - 19 "Back to Church" Plan 

Details Regarding Regathering 


Why are we taking a phased approach? 

It is anticipated that the threat of the COVID-19 virus will likely exist for an undetermined time. The adjustments we take should meet the current need or balance between spiritual and public safety obligations. This will dictate a phased approach; that is, we will match reinstated church activities in steps as the threat changes (diminishes or increases) or becomes clearer with time. 



Phase 2 - 


Worship Services - We are opening the sanctuary for two worship services on Sunday, our Morning Worship service at 11am and our Evening Worship service at 6pm. Please also remember that we are gathering for our Mid-week Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in our Fellowship Hall. 


During Phase 2, the “vulnerable” are encouraged to use sound judgment in determining if you will attend the service. Additionally, if you are hesitant about attending please do not feel obligated to come. 


If you are sick, or if anyone in your household is sick, we are asking that you DO NOT attend. 


No nursery or children’s church will be provided. Therefore, parents should exercise their own good judgment about bringing small children to the service. They are more than welcome, but please keep them close by at all times. Additionally, the Fellowship Hall will be available for a “crying area” if needed. The service will be streamed onto the TV in that room. 


Both worship services on Sunday will continue to be recorded and available online. We will record as normal and immediately following each service we will begin the uploading process so that it will be available as soon as possible. 


Collection plates will not be passed, but there will be areas designated for your contributions at each exit of the sanctuary. If you would rather mail-in your tithes and offerings, please feel free to do so. Additionally, our online giving option is available again through our denomination. If you would like to utilize this giving option, you can find the link attached in this email or on our church facebook page. 


Communion will be observed during Phase 2. The Lord’s Supper is a meal for the entire church body, and now that we are gathering back together in a combined Morning and Evening Worship service, we feel as if we are now ready to regather around the Lord’s Table again. Our regular monthly schedule will be followed; therefore, our first observation will be June 28, 2020 during our Evening Worship service. 


Committees and other group meetings can meet on an “as needed” basis. However, proper adherence to social distancing and sanitation is required. If you are meeting at the church, each group will be responsible for taking necessary measures before and after the meeting. If you would like to hold a meeting, you first need to have it approved by the Session, so contact the church office BEFORE you schedule. 

Physical Guidelines for Worship Services: 


  1. Social distancing (6 ft) should always be exercised. However, family members of the same household may sit together as a single unit. 

  2. The Ladies Parlor will be available for anyone with mobility issues, and the Fellowship Hall will be available for crying children. 

  3. Face masks and gloves are encouraged but not required. If you would like to wear one, please feel free to do so. 

  4. All hymnals, pew bibles, and attendance booklets will continue to be removed from the pews. All needed information for worship will be in the bulletin. 

  5. Bulletins will be placed in each row in the available seats. If you have a question about the availability of a seat, please see a Deacon. Additionally, please take your bulletin with you when you leave. 

  6. Deacons will monitor and assist with seating as needed. Also, please be gracious and accommodating if a Deacon asks you to move. They are only asking for safety purposes. 

  7. Our Seating Plan should be fairly simple to understand. We are alternating which side is available on each pew. Therefore, if a family is sitting on the left side of a pew, the available option in the pew directly behind them is the right side. Again, if you need any assistance with this, please see a Deacon. 

  8. Prior to the beginning of each services, attendees should move directly into the sanctuary through an entry point while exercising the appropriate distancing and sanitation standards. 

  9. After service has ended, worshippers should continue to exercise social distancing. Please continue to remember the available exits. All doors will be opened for you. We will dismiss by rows, as needed. 

  10. While exiting, continue to maintain your spacing and exercise patience. Please be friendly to one another, but refrain from hugging and shaking hands. Feel free to safely socialize outside. 

  11. Before and after each service, please know that the Deacons and other volunteers are cleaning the needed surfaces with the appropriate sanitation supplies. 

  12. Be flexible, gracious, and compassionate. We will possibly need to make adjustments to this plan as we discover what works, what does not work, and what needs more work as we continue to progress. 


You can watch our services on YouTube or listen to them on Sermon Audio by clicking below!

Phase 2


Morning Worship - 11AM

Afternoon Broadcast - 5PM on Home Town TV 8

Evening Worship - 6PM


 Prayer Meeting - 6:30PM


Monday - Thursday - 8AM - 2PM


First Presbyterian Church is a local congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America. The PCA is a growing denomination committed to the historic Christian faith, the proclamation of the inerrant Word of God, and the fulfillment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.




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